About Pam

I’ve been a resident of the Hudson Valley for over 25 years and am happy to call Ulster County my home. My passion for people, the region, and my love of homes has landed me in the dynamic field of real estate.

I view all real estate transactions as matters relating to life transitions.

Events such as…getting married, starting a family, growing a family, second or vacation home purchase, becoming an empty nester, downsizing, starting a business, growing a business, investing in or selling a property.

I can say this because I’ve personally experienced many of these events and if first hand, and if not I’ve been pretty close to those who have.

Real estate transactions must be viewed specifically
from the perspective of the seller and/or the buyer.

The need to not only listen, but to hear, empathize, identify needs and assist is key. It is a service-oriented business at its core!

It’s overused, but the saying “been there done that” has relevance here because,

• I’ve been that first time homebuyer
• I’ve been that weekender
• I’ve been that anxious home seller
• I’ve been that business owner negotiating a lease
• I’ve been that business owner breaking a lease
• I’ve been a vintage home preservationist
• I’ve been the general contractor of an extensive home restoration
• I’ve been that DIY home renovator and an “over-renovator”
• I’ve been through the zoning and permitting process
• I’ve been all of them here in the Hudson Valley and in NYC

And because I’ve experienced so many of these transitions,
I can understand what you, as a potential buyer or seller, are thinking about and put my experience of timing, organization, and over 30 years of marketing experience to work for you.